Aritco 7000 is the most popular lift among the platform lifts and is designed to fit into any environment and suit any project. It is our most versatile platform lift, tailored to meet selected needs and tastes. You have the choice of a variety of functional features and interior/exterior design options.
Platform sizes, glass modules, a range of colours, stainless steel details and spotlights are just some of the many alternatives to choose from. Installation requires just a few days.

More Specs

Platform length* 1480 mm
Platform width* 1000 mm
Door height 2000 mm
Door width 900 mm
Shaft depth 1600 mm
Shaft width 1375
Travel height* 250 - 13000 mm
Top height full door 2240 mm
Top height half door 1100 mm
Structural opening 1630 x 1405 mm
Technical complince: European Machine directive 2006/42/ECEuropean standard EN 81-41
Drive system:   Patented screw/nut system
Rated speed (max):   0,15 m/s
Travel height: 250 -13 000 mm
Number of stops: Max. 6 stops per lift
Number of doors: Max. 6 doors per lift
Number of doors per floor:  Max. 2 doors per floor
Pit 50 mm (no pit is required when there is a threshold/ramp)
Top height: Always 2 300 mm
Platform control: ”Hold to run”, the destination button must be kept pressed down during the whole ride
Landing control (on door): One-touch call
Environment: Indoor
Emergency lowering Battery operated emergency lowering
Control voltage: 24V
Motor: 1,5kW
Power supply: 1-phase 230V 50Hz/6.6A/16A slow
Rated load: 250 kg