Home Lifts

SHE - Traction with gearless motor homelift


Directive European Machinery
Directive 2006/42/EC
Rated load up to (kg) 400
Max travel (m) 22
Max number of stops 8
Speed m/s 0,15 (0,3*)
Entrances 1, 2, 3
Landing doors Automatic side opening or manual swing
Cabin doors Automatic sliding, folding manual/automatic, no door
Door opening (mm) 500 - 1200
Control Automatic pushbutton at landings, automatic pushbutton or hold to run from the cabin
Power supply 220 Volts single phase /50Hz
Machinery 2:1 ratio Gearless
Drive system VVVF
Controller Embedded in the shaft and in a console on the door frame
Std distance between guide brackets (mm) 1500
Frame Rucksack
Cabin height (mm) 2080 (Gaia) , 2080 (Evo) ,
2040 (Gioconda)
Pit Depth (mm) 150 (min 130)
Std / Min headroom (mm) 2750/2500(with cars > 800 x1200)

*not for EU countries. Not 2006/42/EC compliant